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Update – 31st October 2015


I have just received some further information from Carlos regarding the Colombian trip next year.

Due to the planned visit to the Amazon and also the island of San Andreas in the Caribbean Sea, the Rally will be for 3 weeks duration.

The dates are now: Monday 12th September (Outbound) and Returning into the UK on Monday 3rd October.

Anyone considering this trip, please ensure you are available and get back to me by the 1st December. This is when Carlos requires names of those intending to go.

Kev Hoyte


(Original post – 4th October 2015)

See below an e-mail from YCC Colombia.

Initially they require numbers, so if you are interested in attending at this stage, please let me know, so I can respond to Carlos on the 1st December.

At the moment, they have 16 bikes, and some if not most, requires you to ride with a pillion (especially if you are a couple). This allows the bikes to stretch around more members, either from the UK or other YCG countries.

I am unaware if anyone intends going from the UK as I have only received the e-mail today. There are several members that have been on the Colombian trip before, so ask them if you know anyone, what a great time they had. Carlos says to me that the costs over there are a quarter of what things cost here. The only major expense is the flight to Bogotá (thought to be around £650 return).

As I said, names of those interested by: 30th November 15 please to: chairman@vsoc.org.uk

Good morning YCGE

Traditionally our country has made a special MEETING ON THE ROAD, with some breaks, it has been difficult some times, but in the end we all end up happy.
We do not want to lose the tradition every two years and to continue this great effort to get your motorcycles. First we need to know how many people are interested in participating.
These are the dates we have planned:

  • Arrival in Bogota Thursday September 8, 2016
  • Rally starts on Saturday September 10, 2016
  • The rally ends on September 22, 2016
  • Leave the country from September 23, 2016 

At the moment we have 16 motorcycles for the rally. We hope to get some more, but if some members do not worry about riding a m/cycle too often, we can have more people.
This time we’ll plan something special and for you to visit the Amazon jungle and the island of San Andres Island:

ISLA SAN ANDRES: See some photos here

LETICIA AMAZONAS: See some photographs here

I want to thank Kevin Hoyte for your bikes, the reception and support for the Colombians in the Rally 2015 England was a wonderful rally. Also, thank Trevor Bridgwood for the perfect plan for the Tour England, Scotland and Wales.

I want to know the approximate number before the 1st December 2015


Kevin Hoyte

Chairman – Virago Star Owners Club

4 Comments on “Update – YCC Colombia Rally 2016”

  1. Hi George
    I have never been personally, but I am going on this trip. From speaking to others, we pay a set fee when we get there, and they (YCC Colombia) sort out all the accommodation, meals etc, and also supply the bikes with a back up vehicle, so depending on how many people attend, we may need to rotate the bike riding.
    The internal flights to the Amazon & San Andreas will be arranged in advance, and it looks like the internal flights are pretty cheap (to us anyway) but not to them, and the cost of living over there is cheap for us.
    I did look at vaccinations and I doubt we need any, however, your GP will let you now, just ask him or phone the doctors surgery.
    They will look after us and the main man (Carlos) was in the Army and he has a lot of influence.
    It is a 3 week trip, with 3 days in the Amazon and 4 days (3 nights) on the island.
    That’s about as much as I know myself, and at the moment 21 VSOC members have booked to go. We have paid a deposit on our flights already.
    Flight direct from Heathrow-Bogota – £750 return
    Probably the 2 internal flights will be around £300 total, plus accommodation, meals, fuel etc.
    It’s got to be £2k trip, maybe a tad more, but it is for 3 weeks and a great trip after all.
    More info as I get to know it, but you will need to register with me by 1st December please, as I need to inform the Colombians how many are attending.

    Reply to: chairman@vsoc.org.uk

  2. Hi Kevin,
    How do I register my interest to go on this trip (prior to 1st December deadline) I will be travelling solo,
    It seems as you have all paid a deposit on your flights, should I also do so and if so how do I do this?

  3. Hi George.

    So long as Kevin knows you want to go then you’re okay. Any other registration/Booking/Deposits will happen later and you will be informed about them.


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