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Following the AGM we have some immediate and imminent vacancies to fill on the Executive Committee. I have, in conjunction with the Vice Chairman, Peter, compiled information for the positions advertised below. Can you please use the information provided to advertise the posts to your members.

Bear in mind that all the positions are now for fixed terms of four years so if anyone has the skills or qualities for any of the Executive positions please encourage them to contact me and or the current post holder to discuss the posts.

Best regards,

Trevor - VSOC Chairman

Deputy Vice Chairman

This is a new role which aims to support the Vice Chairman and provide cover should the Vice Chairman or Chairman be absent or incapacitated for any reason. The role also aims to provide continuity and succession planning following the introduction of the fixed terms of office.  To that end it is expected that the post holder will take over as Vice Chairman when the current incumbent, Peter Gauntlett stands down in November 2020. As such the duties will be as per the Vice Chairman’s job description.

Qualities: Be an Ambassador for the VSOC. Good communicator.  Be able to evaluate and make decisions based on applying VSOC R&C to any given situation. Ability to make the case and present information in a clear and concise manner. The role should be undertaken by a structured, organised, keen, enthusiastic member of the VSOC.

Experience: Organisation, chairing meetings, computer literate

Job Description - Vice Chairman

  • To serve as part of the team of the VSOC Executive Committee & to lead the team in the absence of the Chairman
  • To write a "Vice Chairman's Report" in Clatter when asked to do so by the club Chairman. (minimum of 1 per calendar year).
  • To be the 1st point of contact for Centre’s 1-9 consecutively.
  • To operate the diary of events for forward rally & party planning. Authorising & sanctioning such events according to his/her role on the committee.
  • To adjudicate on all new Centre Logo’s to incorporate at least 25% of the National club badge!
  • To Chair Rally Meetings, or the Open Forum or the National AGM in the absence of the Chairman.
  • To participate in debate at the intended annual "Open Forum" at one rally per year. (If present)
  • To act as “Stand-in Chairman” in the Chairman’s absence or incapacity or if a vacancy in that post exists.
  • To Update, Amend and “Word” the VSOC Rules & Constitution revised if required at the National AGM each year.
  • Any ad-hoc articles the Vice Chairman feels would be of benefit to the membership, to be reported in Clatter or via the club website or on the VSOC Face Book site.
  • Continual promotion of the VSOC via his/her network of contacts.
  • To run and control the “Rally Awards” draw at the Annual General Meeting, usually during November each year, for the following years VSOC rallies.
  • Attend National Rallies to maximise the membership’s views and opinions as well as supporting VSOC activities and events.
  • Honouring and supporting the Rules & Constitution of the VSOC.
  • To respond and assist with tasks requested by the Chairman or other members of the Executive & National Committees.
  • To ensure that Centres have AGM’s prior to the National AGM and accounts are sent to the club Treasurer within one month of the meeting.
  • To ensure that VSOC Committee badges are available when needed
  • To respond to queries and questions from members as soon as possible
  • To use one’s initiative when necessary when dealing with matters that may not be part of the general job description.

Heritage Officer

VSOC Heritage Officer. organise and run the Heritage section. Interest in the range of VSOC Classic bikes. Book stands at Classic Shows and events of your choice. Promote the VSOC around the classic bike community. Maintain and control the “Heritage” stand and equipment.

Events Officer

Organise and run the VSOC stand at the MCN Festival of Motorcycling at Peterborough plus any other shows of your choice around the country. Maintain and control the equipment on the VSOC trailer. Liaise with VSOC Centres hosting rallies and coordinate getting the trailer to them.

Job Description – Events Officer

  • To be known as the “Events Officer” and to serve as part of the “Executive Committee” of the VSOC.
  • Discuss the arrangements/costs for the MCN Festival of Motorcycling show with the club Chairman/Secretary and arrange the attendance of the VSOC stand including the ordering of the “power” utilising the correct forms directly with the organisers.
  • Plan and arrange either directly or via Centre Reps, personnel to “man” the stand at the Peterborough MCN show every year, as well as making all necessary advanced arrangements to deliver and erect all necessary stand equipment required over the weekend. Control the allocation of “free” show tickets & stand display m/cycles for the Peterborough show.
  • Arrange, again in advance, any requirement of regalia to be sold over the weekend, to be delivered either physically or sent by post from the current club Merchandise Officer. Subsequently, the return of all unsold items back to the Merchandise Officer when able (within 7 days of end of show/s)
  • To assist in the co-ordinating of other supported VSOC events including other shows around the UK. (Centre’s will host such events locally).
  • To allow all stand equipment including any Yamaha “Promotional Material” to be used in all Centre’s for promoting the VSOC at predetermined agreed events (This to be done at Rally Meetings). Arrangements for the delivery/collection/return of the stand equipment to be agreed in advance of such events between the Events Officer & Centre Representatives.
  • The events officer should work closely with all Rally Committees for UK National Rallies to offer support and assistance before the event/s ensuring the Rally Committees have all the necessary information in advance and ensuring that all committees are carrying out arrangements abiding by the R&C of the VSOC and ensuring the Rally Rules are adhered to. The Centre’s head of the rally committee (usually the Centre Rep) will remain with the overall responsibility for how the rally operates, but a “two-way dialogue between the Rep & Events Officer should assist in no stone being left unturned. The Events officers must make themselves “very” familiar with all the clubs Rules and offer support & guidance where necessary.  To ensure that a ‘Risk Assessment ‘ is in place in advance of any National rally or event and liaise with the rally/event organiser to ensure this happens.
  • To attend the National AGM held in November each year in your capacity as “Events Officer”, as well as attending Rally Meetings as part of your role on the Executive Committee.
  • Honouring and supporting the Rules & Constitution of the VSOC.