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Steve Tyson doing well. Oxygen levels going up and down but slowly improving. Had a brief chat with him and he is obviously an ill man looking on the bright side but appreciating he has a long way to go.

Steve Tyson – Good News

He is home but in his own words “totally f***ed”. Sends thanks to all for the kind messages.

Promises to buy you all a drink at the next rally. And if you believe that ????

Many thanks and stay safe

Dave J

Steve is being taken off oxygen and and monitored for 24hrs. If he is able to sustain a good oxygen level breathing on his own over that period he will be allowed home.

Spoken to Kim who despite feeling not to good herself is looking forward to having him back. She has asked me  to to pass on her thanks for all the wonderful messages of support they have received.

I add my gratitude to that as I’m sure they went a long way to helping Steve along the road to recovery.

Many thanks

Dave J

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