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Website owners might relate to this very well…

Having recently updated my website I started using a different contact form which was simpler to set up, but failed to utilise the Google Recaptcha function properly. So I started to receive lots of unwanted spam – you know the sort of thing… money requests, meeting requests, “I can help you…” etc. etc.


Anyway, I came across this little plugin called CleanTalk. I researched it over a couple of forums and social media platforms and found great reviews from people who had been plagued / suffering from the same sort of spam contact that I had received.

So with little trepidation or concern, I installed the CleanTalk plugin and all the spam has simply vanished. It just stopped. I am so happy with this that I needed to let you know, if you have a website and are being bombarded with unwanted emails from your contact forms or comments then install this.

Brilliant and simple to set up.

Have fun,


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