Peter Gauntlett

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Peter Gauntlett

The 1st of November marked the end of Peter Gauntlett’s tenure as the VSOC Vice Chairman. Peter carried out the role conscientiously and with the utmost dedication. He was a regular at the National Rallies, the International and also the Dutch and Belgian rallies.

I am sure you will all join me in thanking him for his efforts over the years. On a personal note I would also like to thank Peter for his advice and support since I took over as Chairman. I wish Peter a relaxing future with the club now that he can enjoy it without the pressures of a national committee position.

(Trevor Bridgwood – VSOC Chairman)

A word from Peter, the man himself…

I have been VC since 2008 so 12 years and never had to battle to stay in the position so I assume that I was doing OK or no one else wanted the job, I hope it was the first scenario.

I would like to think that I have always done everything that was asked of me and went the extra mile if I felt it needed attending to.

Apart from one or two issues the job has never really pressurised me as project management was my forte

As Trevor said I have attended most national rallies and all but one International rally since 2008 and most if not all Dutch and Belgium rallies, in fact I know that I have attended all Belgium rallies since day one.

I always felt that in the position I was in I should be seen at those events to support the club if necessary.

I thank Trevor for his kind words and hope that I will be included in the AGM issues for the last time.

Still doing the job to the end can I remind all Reps that your centre accounts must be sent to Anne by the end of the month and I will follow this through as my last job so be warned lol.

Finally, just to say I am always here should anyone need any help or advice as I have built up a fair understanding of the job.

Good luck to Helen who is taking over from me, please support her in the normal way. Thank you

Best regards,


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