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    God, wont lie. But when my piggy bank gets filled up THIS is what I shall buy. also wanted to ditch the old carb from my 535.

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    So, in terms of bar thickness. its 22mm or 7/8″ so be wary of any US imported stuff as its designed to fit 1″ bars unless they otherwise state (made this mistake a few times)
    Now switching everything over to a 1″ bar can be done, but you’ll need to get the risers bars and a whole new handle bar controls set up to match, which can be expensive.

    As for getting apes you will need to…Read More

  • Can only comment in regards to Pipes. Black widow was who i used for my drag pipes, How ever the metal brackets that came pre-welded onto them soon melted off leaving my lovely new pipes dragging on the tarmac.
    So will say pay the extra for a better brand than the cheap options from ebay/amazon.

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    Hey there,
    Really depends on the hight of the bars you are going for. These are the bars on my 535 currently

    View post on imgur.com

    all cables and lines run without issue with this hight of bars. But they are at their limit. If you were to go for a wider spread then I would recomend extending the brake, throttle, & clutch cable.

    Hope that helps

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