• All good stuff & delighted you got sorted mate.. I’m still considering whether I need a full replacement system, slip ons, or even straight through, so cutting out collector box.. stainless or other..??
    Not long had bike (‘96, 750, & 16k mls..) & still getting familier.. headers are as new with so few miles..!! Just need more ‘grunt’ as you put it but the ‘right grunt’ also important &…Read More

  • Have a butchers at previous topic & response – suggest you look at:
    • Custom Cruisers – Cobra, Vance & Hines, Jardine (website: customcruisers.com)
    • Metric Cruisers – Cobra, Vance & Hines, Highway Hawk dragon pipes
    (website: metriccruisers.co.uk)
    Both very helpful but not cheap..!!
    Buy cheap, buy twice – hope that helps..
    PS: I’m still thinking..!! 🤣

  • • Anyone got any experience of re-chroming ie a company that they could recommend perhaps.. there seems to be quite a few out there.. ??
    • My recently acquired Virago 750 (‘96) really needs to sound a bit louder..!! Any suggestions of a Supplier of ‘Loud pipes’

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