• Hi, many thanks for the reply. I think you are right, I should just bite the bullet and let a proper bike mechanic take a look I just don’t really want to spend too much more money on it. I started the bike this morning without any problems, it ticks over fine and ok up to about 2000 revs then after that it starts to cough and splutter! It’s a great bike and I’ve already spent quite a…Read More

  • Hi all, brand new to this and to ‘forums’ so hopefully it will all go according to plan! I brought my 1986 Virago 1100 a few years ago and with the help of a mate we stripped it down and had a load of re-chroming done. We rebuilt the bike and all seemed fine but the bike miss-fires and burns out the spark plug taking out one pot. I have replaced both plugs and checked the HT leads but i’m…Read More

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