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  • Hi all well I did make to Stafford show this year all be it for 4 hours (I struggled for few days later with health problems) . Well same question… can anyone tell where I can get some stickers made of all the warning stickers . If anyone as still got them on there VX535…1988/89 UK spec . Could you forward some pics so I can get them in the right place… allanbutler261@yahoo com…is…Read More

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    Hi nick oh my god where do I start ..Well just done a exchange with my bro he’s had my suzuki gs500 twin ….And I have a better deal with having he’s xv535 virago 1989.. I love it… BUT MY PAIN IN THE BSCKSIDE IS I CAN’T RIDE IT AS MY HEALTH IS CRAP THESE PAST 18 MONTHS.. OR SO . I DO HAVE A PIAGGIOMP3 500 TRIKE 2 WHEELS UP FRONT.. BUT ITS A SCOOTER TO ME PLEASE DONT GEY ME WRONG I…Read More

  • Hi all can anyone help I.m after as many of the information/warning stickers ..that are dotted all over the bike …ie tyre info.. diff oul info..etc… if anyone can help either with pics or anything to help possible nut and blot rebuild.. the bike is a YAMAHA XV535 VIRAGO 2YL010518 UK SPEC.. 1988/89 .THINK THAT MAKES IT A (H)CODE ???? WELL HOPE TO SEE SOME NEW FACES AT STAFFOD THIS…Read More

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    I all still asking for info if a centre stand can be fitted to my 1989 2YL010518..xv535 ..early model …

  • Hi all .. can anyone tell me where the original stickers go..I know that the tyre one is on diff. But all there anymore.. Also is it possible to fit a CENTER STARND ..TO MY 1989 2YL010518 YAMAHA VIRAGO 535.. IM GUESSING THE LATER MODELS WHERE FITTED AS STANDARD FACTORY FIT.. CHEERS FOR ANY INFO ALLAN

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