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Sweden Rally 2016 Flyer

International Rally 17 – 19 June 2016 at Västervik Resort, Sweden.

(Update 31st October 2015)

This is important information regarding the International Rally to Sweden.

YOU MUST register to gain entry into this event. This can be done via your Centre Rep or directly to Mr.K or myself, via whatever method suits you. Your name will be added to the registration list I am required to send to Sweden periodically.

If you intend taking your own tent, there is no additional charges to the normal Rally Fee, however, you still must register as above.

I have just received our VSOC UK allocation for those wishing to stay in Cabins at the Swedish Rally site next June. We have been allocated several 4 & 5 berth options.

Those wishing to stay in Cabins should express their interest in doing so at the earliest opportunity, to ensure there is a cabin available for you. It would be ideal if you could find people to share with to make up a 4 berth or 5 berth cabin, but if you require help in finding someone, let Mr.K or myself know, as we may have people waiting willing to share with you.

You can also hire extra Bed Linen & Towels for the duration of your stay for an extra 125 SEK (£10). Otherwise, taking a sleeping bag will suffice.

Also, if you don’t wish to tidy your cabin when you leave, you can pay an extra 800 SEK to have this done….I suggest you don’t pay the extra and keep it clean yourselves!

You also need to let me know what day you intend arriving. Most of the UK members intend arriving on the Thursday. The group riding with Mr.K & myself will be, and there are 31 of us.

Those arriving on the Thursday can buy (in addition to the Rally fee) a Thursday evening meal and Friday breakfast ticket. This costs 200 SEK (around £16). This also must be requested in advance with us or via your Centre Rep.

There will be a Rally “T” Shirt available at a cost of 150 SEK, again I need to know your size when registering please?

Rally Ticket price is:- 550 SEK (approx. £44) this includes 4 x meals whilst on site.

4 Berth Cabins are 790 SEK per night x 3 if arrive on the Thursday = 2370 SEK – Divide by 4 people = 592.5 SEK each (Divide by exchange rate of 12.5 = £47.40 each for the whole 3 night period)

5 Berth Cabins are also 790 per night, again x 3 if arriving on Thursday = 2370 – Divide by 5 people = 474 SEK each (Divide by exchange rate of 12.5 = £37.92 each for the whole 3 night period)

I have asking the question regarding whether 4 people can stay in a 5 berth cabin. This, in theory gives people some extra room. It apparently is possible, but their answer is “if they are short of cabin space in Sweden, they may allocate a 5th person into your cabin”. If that doesn’t happen, your costs will be dividable by 4, which works out cheaper (same as 4 berth – £47.40 each)……

Costs as above will vary if arriving on the Friday for 2 nights etc.

Access into cabins cannot be earlier than 3pm on the day of arrival, and you must vacate by midday on day of departure.

Please Note: Rally Fee (550 SEK) + Extra Thursday Evening/Friday Morning Food if required (200 SEK) + T Shirt if required will be PAID for “On the Gate” in Cash (Swedish Krona ONLY) on your arrival.

CABINS will be paid for directly with the Resort in Vastervik on the day. This will be separate from all other Rally costs. I have been given the Cabin Numbers of those allocated to us, and have control of this, so the way forward is to register with me first. I will then allocate a cabin number to you, and that is the cabin you will have on site, and also what you will pay for between you. You can pay bt credit card or cash in SEK on the day.

You can also see more of the rally site at this link:

Kev Hoyte

(Update 9th October 2015)

Details & Prices for Cabins at the Rally Site are available now:
There are No 2 berth cabins, just 4 berths and a few 5/6 berths. These will be allocated to me in the coming weeks.
I expect to get mostly 4 berths to be honest.
Your Reps have been sent further information, but the cost of a 4 berth cabin is 790 Swedish Krona per night. That works out around £65. Divide that by 4 and its very reasonable.
Of course multiply that by the number of nights you intend staying for. Paid on the gate in Swedish Krona.
All cabin bookings through me ONLY, on a first come, first served basis. You will need a sleeping bag, but pillows are provided, so they tell me.
So, if you wish to have a cabin, let me know as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.
See links below of the Rally Site (In English)

Kev Hoyte


(Update 8th October 2015)

This is an update regarding the Swedish Rally next June. The Rally is in Vastervik at a quality resort location by the sea on the east coast. There are cabins that will be made available to us, but will need to be booked via myself. I have asked the question, but do expect that the cabins will mainly be 4 berth options. There are no 2 berth cabins! Ideally, you could find others to share with from your Centre, but if you wish to go, and don’t have members to share with, let me know, as I may be able to assist you as names come through to me.
All members from overseas (that’s us) “Pay on the Gate” 550 Swedish Krona, that is around £45 and will include 4 meals (2 Breakfasts + 2 Dinners). Those planning to arrive on the Thursday can pay for an extra evening meal plus Friday breakfast for 200 SK. That’s around £16, again pay when you arrive.

The cabins need you to take linen & pillows, or at least a sleeping bag, but I have asked to confirm that. The cost of the cabins has not been divulged yet, as the Swedes are allocating an amount of cabins per country. I am awaiting our allocation.

If you intend going on the Rally, whether in a tent or cabin, I suggest you start to plan now, and please inform your Centre Rep that you are going, so they can inform me of numbers attending from the UK in the New Year.

This is a fantastic site, with every amenity, including several sauna’s, restaurants etc. Let’s make this an enjoyable trip. There is a theme also, for those that way inclined!

Kev Hoyte


(Update 8th October 2015 – from Sweden)

Finally, we have taken a decision on the venue for the International Rally 2016. We will be at the five-star tourist resort Lysingsbadet driven by Västervik Resort AB. Here there are 425 beds in cabins with shower and toilet, there are 38 beds in cabins with hot and cold water in kitchen, shower and toilet in a service facility 50 meters away. There is also a hostel with 22 beds and shared showers and toilets, there is also a kitchen and TV room.

There is a shop in the area and 3 restaurants – they will stay open longer in the evening just for us. There is a complete bar where you can pay with cash or credit card.

Here is information:
Västervik Resort offers accommodation to suit everyone. Whether you stay in a tent or a luxury chalet, you will always be within easy distance of our grocery store, restaurants, swimming pool, beach, playgrounds and much more. Wherever you stay, you will always be close to the sea. At Västervik Resort, there is something for everyone!

The building has 10 rooms, one of the rooms has four beds and the remaining rooms have two beds. There is a communal room, kitchen and WC. Shower facilities are available in the building right next door.
You have access to your camping pitch from 12.00, and your chalet/apartment/room from 15.00.
You must vacate your pitch/chalet/apartment/ room no later than 12 noon.
Free wireless Internet is available in many places around the resort. Codes are available from the reception area.
All accommodation has full self-catering equipment. You must, however, bring your own bed linen, towels and toilet paper. Food & Drink from Mediterranean to traditional Swedish!

Enjoying great food is easy during your holiday! Lysingsbadet has four restaurants/ cafés, three of which are run by Lysingsbadet itself, so you can enjoy a different culinary experience every day.

  1. Tapas & Cava serve Mediterranean-style food prepared by our own Spanish chefs. Enjoy traditional tapas and a chilled cava, a paella from the à la carte menu or the lunch special on the patio overlooking the waters of Lucernafjärden. In the evenings, we break out the white table cloths and offer an à la carte menu with a blend of traditional Swedish food and dishes inspired by the Mediterranean.
  2. Café Trädgården serves light lunches, waffles, sandwiches, wonderful cakes and great coffee. You can also enjoy a game of Adventure Golf or just sit quietly and enjoy the view from one of the outdoor tables.
  3. Restaurang Magnolia serves breakfast, pizza and buffet. Coffee and cakes. You’ll love this oasis at the centre of the Asian garden. Enjoy a game of Adventure Golf, and don’t miss our special offer on freshly-baked waffles!

RELAX – FIND YOUR INNER PEACE: Give your body a chance to recover during your stay with us. There are two different types of sauna on the upper floor of the: Relax wing – a Turkish hamam and a Roman spa, as well as Jacuzzis, all in the same building.

AN EXPERIENCE FOR BODY & SOUL: We don’t have a sauna – we have several! Our sauna building and two hot tubs are on the pontoon, with lovely views over Marielundsviken Bay. It houses a wood-fired sauna and 2 electrically-heated saunas, and there is also a small floating sauna actually in the sea, with views of the islands of the archipelago. The sauna building also features a large relaxation area with open fire, table seating for 20 – 25 and a fantastic view out to sea. Relaxation and sauna packages can be booked at the sauna building.

THEME: We will bring you back to the 60´s and early 70´s to experience the flower power period again. I don´t think there will be a problem to find clothes for this theme. Maybe you just need to check your wardrobe.

Many regards
Clas Blomberg – President Yamaha Custom Club Sweden

Sweden Rally 2016 Flyer

Sweden Rally 2016 Flyer


Update 27th September 2015

Those thinking of making this trip should be aware that if considering the Harwich -Esbjerg route, there is no guarantee this ferry will operate. I have it on good authority that the company does not have a boat yet as two offers of boats have not come to fruition. The company has not applied for a licence to enter the port of Harwich either. All this makes it extremely likely that this option is off the table. Please don’t hold me to that, as a last minute solution may happen.

Having said all that, you really should consider planning an alternative route. There is Hull to Rotterdam option or Harwich to Hook option, either by day ferry or overnight. I accept that riding around, so to speak, does extend the journey by one day each way, but that’s how it is, unless you want to ride 500+ miles in one day that is!

Our plans (Mr.K & myself) and the group coming with us, currently around 25-30 members, will go via Harwich to the Hook on the overnight ferry leaving Sat 11th June, then ride to a hotel between Bremen & Hamburg, Germany, one night there, then ride to the YCC Danish clubhouse, arriving late afternoon on Monday. We will then stay 3 nights at that location (FOC), exploring Copenhagen and other sites in the area including Roskilde where there is a Viking Museum etc, before riding to the Rally site in Sweden on the Thursday morning. The same route for the return leg for those returning back to the UK after the Rally. This would get you back into Harwich early on the Wednesday morning (22nd June).

You could do the above route from Rotterdam on the overnight ferry from Hull. It is also feasible to leave on an overnight ferry on Monday 13th June and still get to the Rally in plenty of time.

Within the next 2 weeks, I should know more details regarding Rally costs and accommodation etc. Remember, there is cabins for everyone should they wish to take up this option. These will be booked via myself or via your Centre Rep when I have the details in the months ahead. I am currently liaising with the Swedes over the details, and will post on here as soon as I know more.

Anyone wishing to know more, please contact Mr.K or myself.

Kev Hoyte
VSOC Chairman


Original Post… July 2015

Many members have already been asking me for information regarding next year’s International Rally. The venue is Tånga Hed, Vårgårda. This is around 45 miles north east of Gothenburg.

Now, the difference next year is the Rally is the 3rd week-end of June and NOT the usual 2nd week-end. The dates therefore are: Thursday 16th June to the Sunday 19th June.

Good news regarding travel: It looks like Regina Line (http://www.reginaline.dk/index-uk.htm) are starting to operate a ferry again from Harwich-Esbjerg (from March 2016) so that will help. If that is the case, here are some initial plans should you wish to take up this option:

Travel out on the Saturday 11th June, arrive in Esbjerg around 1pm Sunday. Ride to the Danish YCC clubhouse (200 miles – 160 on one road “E20”), stay there 4 nights and use it as a base to see Denmark including Copenhagen just 30 mins away.

Alternatively, go out on the Tuesday ferry from Harwich, get to the clubhouse on Wed evening, but you will be off to the Rally site Thursday morning with the rest of us!

Leave Thursday morning to catch a ferry from Helsingor DK to Helsingborg SE (20 mins crossing). Only half an hour or so ride from the clubhouse and the ferries are every half an hour (pay on day). Ride to the Swedish Rally site about 3.5 hours away. Those who wish to stay back at the clubhouse on the Sunday evening after the Rally can do so, before catching the Esbjerg-Harwich ferry back again, arriving in the UK on the Tuesday lunchtime.

This is a great opportunity to see both Denmark & Sweden in one trip, ride with little traffic, on great roads. In Denmark there are only 5 million people and only 8 million in Sweden… It’s a pleasure to ride over there! Weather in these countries is usually great. They tend to have proper seasons unlike us, and most rallies in these countries have been really warm if not hot! Currency is Danish Krone and in Swedish the Krona. Two different currencies! The myths surrounding the cost of living exist but in Denmark it’s about the same as the UK. In Sweden, very slightly higher, but having said that petrol is currently 10p a litre cheaper than the UK! Remember everything at the Rally site is to a degree subsidised. The two expensive countries are Finland and Norway!

I will update this page when I know the ferries are definitely operating and let you know approximate costs.

More information from either Mr.K or myself by either e-mail or phone when available.

Kev Hoyte
VSOC Chairman

4 Comments on “Update – International Rally 2016 – Sweden”

  1. definately interested for the Saturday crossing and staying in clubhouse, also including the stay at the clubhouse on the Sunday after the rally. Please put myself and Maria’s names down to go.

  2. Yes very interested like to know more about possability of camping using the tunnel and ride up to Sweden that way

    1. Nige
      e-mail me on chairman@vsoc.org.uk and let me know what Centre you are in? I can then let you know if there are anyone else going from your area.
      Regarding your question: You can camp, and I can register you taking your own tent.
      We can then discuss further your route intentions also


  3. Hi Bob
    Just picked up your response, re the Sweden Trip.
    I know that the day crossing (Harwich-Hook) or the (Hull-Rotterdam) ferries still have some vacancies, however, the Sat 11th June night ferry is full.

    We have several members riding and going on the Sat 11th June Harwich-Hook day boat (9 something in the morning), so if you booked that, there are others to ride with, should you wish to.

    I can confirm that staying in the Danish Clubhouse on the way out and back on the Sunday is ok.

    Let me know your plans, however, I do recommend speaking to Mr.K re: Saturday ferry and I can add you to our hotel in Germany en-route should you wish.

    I also assume you would like a cabin at the Rally site? You will have to share with 2 others though.


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