The VIRAGO STAR OWNERS CLUB (hereafter known as VSOC), its national magazine, its Centres (Branches), its presence on the internet and in other various forms including (but not limited to) its national and international Rallies acts independently of (but is sanctioned by) Yamaha Motor UK, the BMF and NABD.

  1. The VSOC organization, its representatives, office holders, officials, sponsors or any individual member(s) of the VSOC connected to it in any manner, can never be held liable for, or assume any responsibility for the following:-
  2. any person’s participation or attendance at any event, ride-out or meeting held under the auspice of the VSOC;
  3. any property lost, stolen or damaged during such events, ride-outs or meetings;
  4. any physical or mental injury sustained during said events, ride-outs or meetings;
  5. any personal injury or property damage sustained as a direct or indirect result of any alteration of or modification to any motorcycle by any person based on information obtained from the VSOC.

All individuals accept complete responsibility for his/her own self while attending or participating in any event, or in making any alterations or modifications to a motorcycle, with no recourse against the VSOC or any individual connected in any manner to the VSOC, or acting as its officer, agent, employee, consignee, vendor or sponsor.