• 16th August 2016 at 6:58 pm #2142
      richy smith

      hi im having a nightmare with a code 33.. we have replaced coils,leads and plugs and done resistance testing on the primary circuit to no avail so we got a second hand tci/ecu and ignition/transponder. we put this in and got a code 34..we started the bike and sure enough it fired on the front cylinder and not on the rear…so we swapped the ecu’s back and got no fault code..the girlfriend used the bike and after 5miles got a 33 again..so we swapped ecu’s again and got codes 33 and 34…we have now gone back to original set up and code 33…we have had an auto electrician look at it today and he says its the ecu…what will cause these code faults bearing in mind the primary circuit is good as are resistance readings..and the fault has corrected then come back again….help needed before i sell the bloody thing as scrap..its a 2011

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