• 26th June 2018 at 4:44 pm #3546
      Clive Long

      I had to replace the regulator/rectifier on an N reg Virago 250 because too late I realised it was delivering about 15V and boiled the baterry dry. Amazingly with distilled water the battery has recovered. After I replaced the rectifier I noticed the main fuse had blown and melted the fuse holder. I replaced the fuse and holder with a 20A blade fuse and the bike starts fine. However, there are some remaining electrical issues.

      Work fine
      Bike starts and runs,
      main and dipped healamps fine
      Horn fine
      Green Neutral bulb fine
      Signal / indicator fuse has not blown – tested continuity with multimeter.

      Do not work
      Indicators front or back
      Rear light when front light on nor brake light when operate hand brake or foot brake

      There are only two fuses on this bike (as the service manual shows): main 20A and signal 10A.

      I have the service manual. Any suggestions where I start looking for the problem?



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