• 27th April 2016 at 5:12 pm #2008
      Nick Randall

      Hello all, has anyone else had a tci failure ? I have replaced the output transistors with the correct type twice but the output transistor to the forward cylinder ignition coil still keeps burning out. My xv1100 is a 1996, which is the 2 wire pickup/throttle position sensor type, not the 4 wire pickup type. A new one of both these types is unavailable from Yamaha. Has anyone tried the 2 wire pickup type from an xv750 on a 1100 ? Obviously in this case the tps would not be connected as the 750 has no tps. Or does anyone know of someone who is able to able to test the output transistor driver circuit and repair a tci please ? I have fitted a new regulator rectifier, and a new battery, and have monitored the charge voltage over a period of time in different conditions to confirm that the charge voltage to the battery is stable at @ 14 volts, as I am well aware that a failing reg/rec will cause problems. Thanks, Nick.

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