• 3rd October 2016 at 12:01 pm #2207

      Hi Guys,
      I have a couple of early 80’s 750, the monoshock frame ones. One is for sale if anyone is interested. My question is the good old starter gear is worn out, I have already flipped it rubbish design but anyone know where i can get some replacement bits at a reasonable cost as the bike doesn’t warrant spending anything silly on it.

    • 2nd November 2016 at 10:14 pm #2266
      James Riding

      I am new to the club, so this is my first message.
      I have just replaced the starter gear on my 87 XV1000 with the newer version, as the starting was hit and miss and at times grated badly.
      I had to shop arround on Ebay for the new set and some came from Germany, but unfortunately they are rare and expensive.
      The old items are in my spares box, but not sure how similar they are to yours, or how good they might be for you to risk fitting.
      What items are you after?
      I can photograph them for you if you want to get some idea of their useability.
      My phone no is 01245467455 and I am in Chelmsford.

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