• 11th June 2017 at 10:09 pm#2784
    Billy Stewart

    Let me introduce myself, names Billy, come from Aberdeen way up north. I am going to look at what appears to be a very tidy 1100 Classic.

    Is there anything i need to duly consider, before i hand over a wad of used notes. any weaknesses in the bikes? anything that should have been sorted either via a recall or sensible mods done to make the overall ride better. the bikes a 2002, has just under 10k on it. has service history up till around 5k when the current oner bought it. then he serviced it from then, as i will be. and if i buy thats the first item on the agenda a full service and check. a thorough clean and a lashing of ACF50.. how does the chrome hold up on there? i have a 86 Suzuki intruder and lets just say.. the chrome is pants! I need to know if its the kind of bike you can depend on to cover distance reliably and in some sort of comfort. top speed isn’t such an issue as long as i can sit at motorway speed and have enough left to pass a truck if need be.

    I know this kind of question has probably been asked 2455566 times. but i want to go in eyes wide open. I can’t afford to make a expensive mistake. (can anyone really!) so if you can point me in the right direction id be grateful. If i buy the bike i will be joining the club properly.

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