• 6th March 2017 at 10:26 pm #2474
      Clive Long


      After 3 days of not being used, I started the Virago this morning. The bike started first time with only a small amount of choke (which is usual). I ran the bike for less than half a mile and then the engine started, not “misfiring”, but fired lots of separate, rapid “phut” sounds and delivered almost no power. The revs would not increase as I opened the throttle. Luckily I had pulled the bike over then the engine died. I could not restart the bike from the starter switch. Everything electrical was off, main light, indicators, horn, the starter motor would not turn. I tried to bump start the bike but that did not work, even though this is an easy bike to bump start in 2nd gear. After I walked the bike home this evening I checked the main inline 20A fuse. The main fuse is for everything except the indicators. The 20A fuse, and its spare, look as though they have no breaks and show no (almost) resistance on my multimeter (testing at 200 Ohm setting). The battery is showing 12.06 V on my multimeter. The indicators don’t flash even though they are on a separate fuse to the main.

      Any idea what might be the problem?



    • 12th March 2017 at 5:33 pm #2486
      Malcolm Whitbread

      sorry Clive, I personally cant help, but does sound electrical, I’m sure someone more knowledgeable will be along soon.

    • 28th August 2017 at 5:41 pm #2938

      I’m 99.999% sure you blew the main fuse… you probably checked the wrong fuse earlier.

      There are 2 fuses within close proximity – SIGNAL & MAIN fuses (10A & 30A on my 2010 XV250Z).

      TIP: The waterproof box for the SIGNAL fuse snaps shut, however, the MAIN fuse box is only held together by a “rubber band” that secures onto the sidewall of the battery box.

      Either way, your looking at a core electrical component failure – the rest of the bike is probably fine.

      Check the following in order:

      1. Main fuse
      2. ALL BATTERY CONNECTIONS & PRIMARY GROUND WIRE (i.e. Neg/Blk Batt wire to frame)
      3. Main switch (i.e. where the key goes)
      4. Voltage rectifier/regulator
      5. primary relay assembly

    • 28th August 2017 at 9:21 pm #2939

      Correction: MAIN is 20A…. not 30A

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