• 5th August 2023 at 1:23 pm #7123

      hi all

      had a 98 xvs650 foa a couple of months. Swapped the coils a few day back (missing like crazy in the wet so figured “may as well”).
      and then almost straight away the front cylinder started missing followed by the back cylinder. Put old coils back on no joy. Fuel pump checks out ok BUT when I turn the ignition on there is no power supplied to it (??).

      Can’t find spark when using spark gap tester or the old fashioned remove plug then earth it against block and crank method. Changing battery to a new one (from another bike) makes no difference.

      so – no spark at plug and, it appears, no power supply to fuel pump.

      Tested the magneto stator and got just under 2 ohms resistance. Heard somewhere it should be about 200 ohms so….

      Checked pick up coil for resistance and meter shows 50 ohms then 200 ohms then “open circuit”.

      is the fuel pump meant to have live feed when the ignition is on?

      what should the resistance be for the stator coil?

      what should the resistance be for the pick up coil? also should the resistance for the pick up coil change like this when it has a current supplied?


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