• 7th July 2017 at 8:53 am #2842

      Hi i have a dragstar 1100 and it dribbles fuel into the carb to filter rubbers on idle ?now i know people will be thinking its the float needles or seats or orings that need replacing but they are all new the fuel is actually coming up past the slide needle that sits into the nozzle and needle jet in the centre of the carb,I have already replaced the slide needle assemblies and fuel nozzles that poke up into the venturis on top of the needle jets(emulsion tubes) both genuine yamaha parts and it has made no difference at all,the leak is so bad it actually runs backwards slightly and runs into the filter rubbers and then leaks out onto the engine.it seems that the slide needles draw the fuel up with the slight vibration of tickover i know when there is negative air pressure in the venturis the fuel is drawn up past it but it does it on idle even with the air filter to carbs rubbers off.and if i lift the slides up very slightly with a screwdriver from the back of the carb the fuel stop coming up??Its driving me crazy does any body have any ideas i have even changed the small o rings on the needle jets in case it was leaking up the needle jets where it shouldnt do.appreciate any input on this problem ,thanks Adam

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