28th August 2017 at 5:41 pm #2938

I’m 99.999% sure you blew the main fuse… you probably checked the wrong fuse earlier.

There are 2 fuses within close proximity – SIGNAL & MAIN fuses (10A & 30A on my 2010 XV250Z).

TIP: The waterproof box for the SIGNAL fuse snaps shut, however, the MAIN fuse box is only held together by a “rubber band” that secures onto the sidewall of the battery box.

Either way, your looking at a core electrical component failure – the rest of the bike is probably fine.

Check the following in order:

1. Main fuse
2. ALL BATTERY CONNECTIONS & PRIMARY GROUND WIRE (i.e. Neg/Blk Batt wire to frame)
3. Main switch (i.e. where the key goes)
4. Voltage rectifier/regulator
5. primary relay assembly