C6 Jumpstart 2022 Cancelled

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Hi everyone,

Regrettably I have some bad news for you so please read on.

We have taken the decision to cancel our Jumpstart party this year for two reasons
Firstly we haven’t to date sold enough tickets to break even and secondly and more important, the venue has let us down badly.

Despite the landlords promises to carry out certain tasks, he has failed to do anything. The outside areas are to put it bluntly a shit tip and the so called extra ‘field’ for camping is currently a muddy embankment which is by no means suitable for camping on. Not what we were promised! So with barely enough room for about 10-12 tents on the beer garden, which is also a mess, we are not confident the event could go ahead. We have tried to be positive but have a lot of concerns.
Ticket monies will of course be refunded, please contact our treasurer Liz Allen at lizzieallen1965@gmail.com with details of how you would like to be refunded.

Sadly I know there a few who may have booked local hotels so we may be prepared to refund any deposits lost but we would politely ask for written proof of this.

We now will be concentrating on our rally in July where we know the venue is spot on.

Thanks all and I hope you understand our reasoning for this.


Centre 6 Rep

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